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Integrity, Transparency, and Professionalism

Welcome to Lost Asset Recovery Consultants (ARC) Limited Partnership (LP), where we stand as some of the industry’s top researchers in asset recovery. Our foundation is built on the bedrock of integrity, transparency, and professionalism, virtues we carry into every operation.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of private investigators, lawyers, and recovery specialists. These are the best minds, adept at unearthing information often held behind the closed doors of Fortune 500 companies across various sectors. We’re well-versed in asset recovery, both within private and public realms, ensuring you gain access to what’s rightfully yours.

Reclaim Your Owed Assets

Over the years, our network with asset holders has blossomed, providing us with invaluable insights regarding assets held by companies and government entities. These are assets meant for individuals they’ve failed to locate, and that’s where we come in. We utilize our resources to find these individuals or heirs and recover the funds on their behalf, in return for a reasonable fee.

Step 01


Unearthing hidden assets and entitlements.

Step 02


Establishing rightful claims and value.

Step 03


Securely reclaiming assets on your behalf.

At Lost ARC LP, our reach extends to paid and private databases, which are a goldmine of assets and stocks worth millions. We function independently, identifying and recovering money and stocks, ensuring you get back what’s owed to you.

Let our integrity, transparency, and professionalism work for you

 With Lost ARC LP, you’re not just partnering with a firm, you’re joining a community committed to bringing you closer to your assets.